Drinks in Japan | Coca Cola Strawberry
One of Coca-Cola Limited Edition That We recommended !!
Foods in Japan | Nissin Ebi Miso Cup Ramen
What it tastes like if you put the shrimp oil into miso ramen.
Foods in Japan | I tried fish snack called Bento that I’ve found in Don Quijote
From normal fish snack that turns out to be not normal and made me want to talk about it !!
My living stuff in Japan | Sennheiser HD 4.40BT
It's a good idea to give yourself present to start a new year.
Foods in Japan | My first time with Nissin Curry Meshi
This instant Curry Rice from Nissin really make me so surprise!!
My living stuff in Japan | Sony MDR-XB950BT
Extra Bass Headphone Series for Bass Lover