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for 2019

We want to make the website be better for every user and we apologize for your inconvenience.

To all users,

We would like to announce that our website OKOPANTHUNDERSTORM has a plan to update our website to be more attractive, a nice user interface, easier to use, and improve its performance. You can see the details below

  • Update Welcome Screen when user access to
  • Separate Each language to be stand-alone which focus on Thai and Japanese Languages
  • Each language will have different post’s stories and details. For example, If there’s a new post on the Thai website or Japanese website, we might translate and post it on the English website later.
  • Image and looks or Interface on each website will be changed and improve for better performance and efficiency. It might look different on each website.
  • Change the name of the menu and categories to be more proper.

If users access OKOPANTHUNDERSTORM during November, the users might see something change or some minor errors might occur. We apologize for your inconvenience.

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