D I Y | Decorate clothes with 100 yen stuff from Daiso

Make your favorite clothes look fancy and fashionable.

If I mention ” Daiso “, I believe everybody must know Daiso or everything 100 yen shop very well.

But today I will not talk about the shop itself but I will show you what I get from this shop. These are cute pin and badge which I buy these things just 200 yen, yes just 200 yen.  😮

How can I get these things? Well, my eyes just caught on this product without intention during the time that my wife is looking around to find her decoration sticker and some stuffs.

The reason that I decided to buy it because I like fashions and custom works on clothes, shoes, and accessories. When I see that pin and badge I get an idea to customize on clothes or some accessories that I have, so I buy two of it and go home.

When I arrive home I open my closet and have an idea to custom my black sweater that I got it from my wife’s grandma.

Now, It look more cute, more detail especially not boring cool 😀 and the cost for customized is so cheap which I don’t expect to find these cute pin and badge in Daiso.

Thank you so much and hope you guys enjoy reading this article this morning.

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