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One of the best Survival Horror Games of the year

Identity-V a must try game of 2018 !!

Around end of July, My friend messaged me with question ” Hey! Let’s go for run!! ” this is the message that my friend invited me to join his team in Identity-V which came up from nowhere. But how can I joined ?! I’m in Japan!!

This is kinda awkward and I don’t want my friend to feel bad in this situation so I asked back ” What? run?? where will you go for run? You want me to back to Bangkok to run with you? ” the next thing that happen I got Sticker in LINE messenger app with Shock and Laugh emotions.

Then I got this ” How can you don’t know this game?! Where have you been?!! “. S**t, how can I miss this game!! I feel really out of the trend. Well… It is what it is, so I downloaded and try this game and after that I become addict to this game ( This is my friend fault XD ).

Anyways, I would like to give you a short explanation of Identity-V game play, what kind of game is this and then I will talk about the main topic of this article ” What did I learn from playing this game “.

About this game

In this section I will not explain much detail, because there’s a lot of review about this game which include the story of the game and a lot of characters information that you can search on any search engine ( follow the concept ” no need to brag a lot because it’s awesome!! ” 😀 ).

Identity-V is a Survival Horror game from NetEase Games with similar concept as Dead by Daylight ( available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One ) but less violence with their unique and cute characters. This game was released on July 2018 ( and China zone was released around April 2018 ).

The game is separate to 2 sides Survivors ( 4 persons per team ) and Hunter ( only 1 person ). The rule is simple Survivor must decode the cypher on the machines ( 5 machines that you need to decode ) that available on that map and then open the gate to escape at least 3 persons from Hunter to win the game ( Thinking about you play hide and seek ).

What did I learn from playing Identity-V

1. Know yourself

In this game each characters that you played will tell you about your personality which reflect from the character and the style when you playing this game. Both Survivors and Hunters characters have their own personality skills.

So when you know your self personality and you choose the character that match with you this will help you to win the game.
Compare to the reality, if you know yourself and you do things that you good at it. All of your skill will support you and help you to reach your goal easily.

2. Planing is important

You cannot just run around without plan and think you will win the game easily. You might be lucky if your opponent is just newbie.

After I played this game for while, I learned to be careful when I make a move and always observe the environment around, think carefully how to handle with hunter or survivors. I would say you must have an escape plan if you play as a survivor same as hunter, you have to plan how to hunt the survivor to win which technique that you should use and which ability of the hunter character has.

Planning is really important if you want to win also in real life. If you want to archive something you need a plan to handle with your obstacle or risk and plan to achieve your goal.

3. Teamwork is the most important

This topic I will focus on Survivor team because hunter has only one person so I don’t know how to call that team 😛 . In this game you cannot win alone no matter what you need at least three persons to escape to win the game ( for hunter case you need to kill 3 persons to win also ).

Not just only escape, decode the cypher is the important part too if you and other people in your team help each others to decode on one machine, the speed of decoding will be faster which mean the chance of you will win the game will increase.

So, if your team understand the situation and help each others for example one of your team might be a volunteer to get hunter’s attention and other in the team will focus on decoding.

In real life. If you have a good teamwork that help each others no matter how hard the situation the goals or any achievements will not be hard or far to reach.

4. Lean to use the benefit from surrounding environment

In the game if you just try to run around without use some tools in the toolbox, pallets, or windows that game provided around the map. You might have high chance that hunter can catch you easily.

So observe what’s around you, it might have somethings to help you to escape and win the game easily.

5. Always improve yourself

Practice Make It Perfect” this sentence can work with anythings in your life and I think everybody know this really well. In this game, It doesn’t matter which side you want to play everybody will start from zero.

No advantage on both side but, if you keep playing you will get a personal skill but that’s not the main thing that you will get from playing this game. Experience is the main thing that you will earned on both Survivor or Hunter.

Same as your real life. If you keep practicing on something that you like or have passion on it, one day you will master or be success on the thing that you do.

6. Learn to control the temper

I believe many people might have ” Upset ” experience from this game when you play hunter or survivor. You might see survivor make fun of you or provoke you in front of the exit gate, Hunter keep chasing you non stop and you cannot play the game, even the basic problem internet problem.

These example can cause you feel upset and it might change the game, There’s time that I’ve played this game and experienced these type of thing and the result… as long as I play with upset feeling the more I lose the games and then this game will never be fun anymore.

Anger will make you lose your focus and your control in this game ” . Calmness is the key if you want to win this game and it’s work on both side!! After, I learn to play this game without temper I can play this game better and solve the situation easier and win the game easier.

This lesson can adjust to you daily life when you have to face the problems or be in the bad situation. Try to be calm and solve the situation with your knowledge and everything will be fine.

Playing game is not the bad thing, It might give you some good lesson that you can use it in daily life and help you to relax with your relatives as its purpose. And the last thing Try to manage the time of playing game and take care of yourself.

End for today.

Thank you so much and hope you guys enjoy reading this article.

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Any suggestion, feel free to comments I really appreciate your comments from you guy. See you !! 😉

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