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The new generation of cola with 0% calories

Today with living in the countryside of Japan by OkopanThunderstorm

Introduce to Coca-Cola Clear
Back again with ” Drink Up ” section which I share my experiences about any drinks that I’ve found and tried them from many places in Japan
Today I have a chance to try the new product from Coca-Cola called ‘ Coca-Cola Clear ‘, The first cola without color!!

Yes without color, it has no color at all as its name. It really look like normal drinking water.

If I mention about drinks that have no colors, there are several drinks in Japan that you can try from coffee to drinking water or should I said drinking water that has flavor!!

Coca-Cola take year to research and develop until Coca-Cola Clear come out which I would called it ” Clear Cola ” in this article to make it shorter.

About Coca-Cola Clear

This Cola happend from colaboration between Coca-Cola Japan and America which Japan branch made a concept and America branch produce it.

The release date for this product was around June 11th, 2018 which distribute only in Japan for now 😦 ( Sorry for many countries that cannot try this cola right now but I believe you guys will find the way to try this cola ).

Taste and Feeling

Let’s talk about taste. This Clear Cola surprised me at first sip, the soda fizzed a lot in my mouth more than other flavors of Coca-Cola.

Next, the soft aroma from lemon made me a little bit refresh but I’m not sure with my tongue so, I take one more sip and I can describe what it taste like.

It has a sweet mixed with a little sour taste with soda fizzed that make it smooth when you drink. This taste and this feeling remind me, this Clear Cola has taste like one of cola gummy in Thailand that I was ate when I was kid called ” Jolly Cola ” ( It’s well-know for Thai people ) but this is just my opinion.

Finally, I would recommend you to try this clear cola once if you have a chance. This might be another choice for the person who concern about health but still want to drink cola sometime because it’s 0% calories 😮 but, this doesn’t mean you can drink a lot so be careful.

Thank you so much and hope you guys enjoy reading this article this morning.

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Drink Up Today

Name: Coca Cola Clear

Flavor: Cola and Lemon

Category: Cola

Country: Japan

Price: 108 Yen (inc. Tax)

Aroma 80Points
Taste 85Points
Drinking 80Points
Feeling 80Points

*Noticed The scores in this article come from my opinion after tasted it. It’s not a global standard.


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