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"Peach Out"!!
Available in Japan for a Limited Time

Today with living in the countryside of Japan by OkopanThunderstorm

Introduce to Coca Cola Peach

This Coke that I mentioned is release in Japan.

This is the first time that Coca Cola company added “Peach” flavor into their cola drinks and released on January 22, 2018 which I just have time to write about this Coca Cola Peach (Sorry for late).

I have a chance to try this Coke after it released for 1 day which me and my wife went to do groceries for make dinner on the way back from gym in the town.

When I walking in the supermarket, I notice the Coca Cola Advertise like this.

Which I didn’t notice the Coca Cola Peach bottle at all, I think it is just the original Coke because the staff put them in the middle between the Coke Original and Coke Zero and they don’t even put these Cokes at the cooler shelf. They just put it on the floor!! (or may be they don’t want to sell it…may be).

After I see this Cola I become victim of marketing again (I feel sometimes, I am so sensitive with the word “Limited” LOL) so I put it the cart and check out and then go back home with my wife for rest and prepare to make dinner.

When I arrived home, with feel thirsty and wants to try this limited edition of Coke. First thing that I do is hurry to open the fridge put ice in the glass pour Coke and hurry to finish it.

After I finish it, I can describe how it is followed these topics below.

Drink Up Today

Name: Coca Cola Peach

Flavor: Peach

Category: Cola

Country: Japan

Price: 108 เยน (inc. Tax)

Aroma 80Points
Taste 65Points
Drinking 80Points
Feeling 70Points

*Noticed The scores in this article come from my opinion after tasted it. It’s not a global standard.


This Coke has a strong aroma of peach and cola more than the others but, It is smooth. If you focus on the aroma you can sense the smell that lead by peach smell first and close with cola smell which it invite you to drink it.


About the taste I am a little bit disappoint about it. Because I expected that it must full with peach taste more than cola but it doesn’t. The taste should be more clarity and more peach taste (I can smell a lot of peach but not much taste) than cola taste.

You can enjoy the taste of peach just a few seconds and then it will filled with full taste of cola but less sweet than the Original Coke.


I am surprise that this Coca Cola Peach is easy to drink. First I think how is possible that you put peach taste in the cola and it will be good, but Coca Cola made it possible and it smooth and really easy to drink!!


This Coke will give you the smooth soft and sweet of peach and energized and refresh from cola taste this is the good part of this cola but the feeling of peach disappear too fast which I am quite not OK with this part.

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