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One of Coca-Cola Limited Edition That We recommended !!

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Coca-Cola Strawberry ( Coke Strawberry )

Hi everyone,

Welcome back again to “Eat-Up”. This time I had a chance to try Coca-Cola Strawberry ( or Coke Strawberry ) which released in early 2020. I want to share this experience with everyone so you guys will know, what the taste be like? And is it worth to try if you come to visit Japan? Which all of the details that I will share from now come from my opinion after I tried it. ( This post has no sponsors but if you want to support us feel free to contact us by email hehe !!)

This Coca-Cola ( I will call it Coke from now) or Coke Strawberry was released in early 2020 (as I mentioned before) after Coca-Cola Apple was in the market for a while last year and I really want to apologize that I completely forgot to review it but what I remember, it has good taste and I recommend you to try if you still can find it.

One thing that I notice on the bottle of Coke Strawberry is an old-fashion logo on plastic bottle seem like they want to go back to an old-time. It also wrapped around by plastic with pink color which comes with the strawberries image and has label “Strawberry” to confirm this is strawberry flavor.

about the taste,

In my opinion, this Coke Strawberry is more like strawberry juice mixed with cola flavor but, this is not bad at all. The taste and smell of strawberry juice are really good, the sweet and sour taste will surprise you first and close with mild cola flavor.

I noticed this Coca-Cola Strawberry is less sweet than the normal one and feel more fresh when I drink it, maybe because of the strawberry juice which I personally like it.

In conclusion, I would say if you have a chance to travel to Japan I really recommend you to try this cola especially when the weather is cold, it really helps to refresh.

And my last message for today, please eat healthy food and exercise a lot for better health in the future.


End for today.

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