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Golden Apple and Power
Vitamin B and Royal Jelly Double Blast!!
it's a little bit long name - -"

Today with living in the countryside of Japan by OkopanThunderstorm

Introduce to Fanta Golden Apple And Power

It start from I saw this commercial on TV

I laughed a lot after I saw it. I was thought what’s wrong with that person?, why this commercial finish so quick? What about his hands sign at the end, what is that mean?

That commercial really confuse me but!! Because of that commercial really make me wants to try that soft drink so much (Omg!! I become a victim of marketing).

I drive to the supermarket that close to the area that I living (the famous one) and get one of it and then hurry back home to try this soft drink.

Before I drink, I read the info around the bottle and this soft drink has full name called “Fanta Golden Apple and Power Vitamin B and Royal Jelly Double Blast” (too long? – -“).

Overall, It’s the carbonated drink mix with energy drink with golden apple taste but, this is not just normal carbonate energy drink, they added vitamin B and royal jelly for refresh your energy (are you kidding !!).

Well, I have nothing to said after read the info on the bottle except let’s try it. A cup of ice is ready, the soft drink is ready, let’s drink up!!

After,I drink Fanta Golden Apple (sorry for make it shorter) I can describe how this drink taste followed this information below.

Drink Up Today

Name: Fanta W+ Golden Apple and Power Vitamin B and Royal Jelly Double Blast

Flavor: Golden Apple

Category: Carbonated Drink

Country: Japan

Price: 108 Yen (inc. Tax)

Aroma 60Points
Taste 50Points
Drinking 45Points
Feeling 40Points

*Noticed The scores in this article come from my opinion after tasted it. It’s not a global standard.

Fanta golden apple and power has a light smell of apple which it is an artificial aroma and strong smell of soda but it is acceptable


The taste of Fanta golden apple and power is not that much sweet plus the unpleasant taste from soda for me it is kinda weird and I kinda don’t like this taste (as personal) but it’s still acceptable to drink.


This Fanta Golden Apple and Power, it is not pleasant for me in my personal feeling. With the unpleasant taste from soda and feeling sharp when soda fizzed in my throat, I take some time to finish it.


The feeling when you drink Fanta Golden Apple and Power is sharp because of the soda but it become a little bit softer from the sweet taste of apple.

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