Drinks in Japan – Welch’s White Grapful Sparkling

Today with living in the countryside of Japan by OkopanThunderstorm

Introduce a Sparkling Juice by Welch ‘s

Welch’s White Grape Sparkling is the product from Welch Foods Inc in America which well-known in Food and Drink industry, founded in 1869 and owned by The National Grape Cooperative Association (reference Wikipedia).

In Japan, This product is import and distribute by Asahi Breweries which is a leading brewery and soft drink company based in Tokyo.

The reason that I write about Welch’s White Grape Sparkling today because I want to share my experience about this carbonated juice drink with you guys and it could be usefule information also.

It start with, I’m bored of Coca-Cola (the most easiest soft drink that you can find in Japan) and I want to try another soft drinks in Japan.So I decide to go to the supermarket to get some.

I walk (really fast) to PIAGO or ピアゴ (people who live around here called it Yu-ni ユニー) the most popular supermarket in this area. In that supermarket I see a variety of juices and soft drinks to choose but I noticed Welch’s White Grapful Sparkling so I grabbed this drink and hurry to go back home to escape from cold weather outside(from January until March is the most coldest time in Japan)

After I arrived home, now everything ready glass, ice, and Welch’s White Grapful Sparkling it’s time to drink. After I drink this carbonated juice drink up, I can describe how this drink taste followed this information below.

Drink Up Today

Name: Welch’s White Grapful Sparkling

Flavor: White Grape

Category: Carbonated fruit drink

Country: Japan (Import)

Price: 108 Yen (inc. Tax)

Aroma 80points
Taste 90points
Drinking 70points
Feeling 70points

*Noticed The scores in this article come from my opinion after tasted it. It’s not a global standard.

This carbonated fruit drink has a good sweet and sour aroma of white grape which it’s really smooth and feel fresh when you smell it.


Taste of this soft drink is sweet and sour, similar like real white grapes natural taste not like artificial sugar.

This make me really enjoy drink this juice and when the soda fizzes in your mouth make you feel fresh.


The WELCH’S White Grapful Sparklingis easy to drink. It didn’t make me feel sharp when I drink at all. It so smooth and the aroma that come out when I drink it make me feel energized.


When I drink WELCH’S White Grapful Sparkling it’s smooth, energized and refresh from the sweet and sour of white grape like you eat the real one

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