Foods in Japan | I tried fish snack called Bento that I've found in Don Quijote

From normal fish snack that turns out to be not normal and made me want to talk about it !!

Today with living in the countryside of Japan by OkopanThunderstorm

Hi guys,

We meet again after no update for a long long time ago… because of I really busy with work, and try to change the appearance of our website a little by little until it almost complete.

Well to not waste our time let’s get to the point, it starts when I and my wife went to Don Quijote the biggest discount store in Japan to buy some stuff.

While we were walking around, I noticed a big box that contained fish snack called Bento which imported from Korean. It’s really nostalgic for me since I live in Japan for 2 years and I couldn’t find it anywhere here. At that moment inside of me wants it and also, the package is big with a cheap price (just 328 yen).

So I want to buy it but my wife didn’t agree with me at first because she knows it give us a bad breath after ate it. But I convinced her until she’s ok so, we got one pack of it and checked out with other stuff and then headed back home.

When we arrived home I hurried to take that Bento out of grocery bag which I realized at that moment I was acting like a little boy that got excited with a new toy.

When I look at the package I felt satisfied with the size of it and when I pressed the bag of this snack I thought, inside will have many pieces of fish snack for sure. This is a good deal for this snack (that’s what I thought).

With my hungry feeling so I decided to eat immediately. When I opened the pack, I stunned…




What I actually saw just only one big sheet of fish snack!!!




My wife laughed at me because of my face at that time. I felt deceived. “ Bento betrayed me !! “, I screamed in my head. This Bento really deceived me and I felt really mad at that time. How can they do this to me? my little happiness and nostalgic moment were gone !!

Inside of the package, there’s a plastic cover that looks like a small box that covered the snack which I think it’s just a wasted.

They use that plastic cover to cover just one fish snack inside. Why they don’t add more sheets instead of using this stupid cover.

I honestly think they wasting the cost of the package than the cost of the product. But, it is what it is. I couldn’t do anything so, let just eat.

About the taste, I’m not sure that you guys have any chance to try it when you go to Thailand but it taste like Bento sweet & spicy flavor in Thailand just more crispy.

So that’s the end of my funny experience with the snack that I bought from Don Quijote which I used to eat it in Thailand.

If anyone ever try this snack, feel free to share what do you think about it …

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