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This instant Curry Rice from Nissin really make me so surprise!!

Today with living in the countryside of Japan by OkopanThunderstorm

Nissin Curry Meshi
First, I would like to say Happy New Year guys !! After no update for a while due to some busy on handle things during new year festival finally, I have time to share new article today.
The idea of this article come from our grocery shopping which I was noticed something catchy on the promotion shelf which full of instant Japanese Curry products with many brands. This product is really new thing for me, it is not instant noodle or instant soup but, it is instant curry rice from Nissin called Nissin Curry Meshi !!

Nissin Curry Meshi is an instant curry rice which extended from the original Nissin Cup Noodle Futkomi Meshi which is instant rice with Japanese style soup. This Curry Meshi series have many flavors but today I picked Seafood flavor which come with spicy level 3 which is standard for spicy taste in Japan (if in Thailand this flavor will be considered as not spicy at all 😀 ) .

This instant curry rice is something really new for me because I never see this invention in Thailand. Normally in Thailand will have instant noodle or instant congee but, curry rice this is the first time in my life.

This instant curry rice is very easy to cook just open the lid, put hot water, close the lid, wait for 5 minutes and then done !! the Seafood Curry rice is ready to eat.

Tate of Curry Meshi

Talk about the taste, this instant curry rice really give you the taste like the real curry rice that you made at home but the difference is the texture of the rice, it has soft texture but dry inside but overall is good as instant food and the ingredients that come in the package are OK. Nissin give us a lot of meat but most of it are squid meats which is OK, I enjoy chewing it 😀.

In my opinion, I’m not recommend to eat this instant food everyday because it’s not good for health. This review I want to share another choice for you guy if you are in rush but you need to eat something and you don’t want to eat instant noodle this Nissin Curry Meshi might be a good choice for you especially is you like to eat curry rice.

End for today.

Thank you so much and hope you guys enjoy reading this article.

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