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Introduce to Nissin Cup Noodle Seafood

If we talk about ” Nissin Instant noodle “

Nowadays, there are many brands and many flavors to choose to eat which Thailand and Japan are two of many countries that sell these things which today I’m gonna talk about one of the instant noodle that come from Japan called ” Nissin “

Nissin or Nissin Food was established in Japan on September 4, 1948, by Momofuku Ando as Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. of Japan (日清食品株式会社 Nisshin Shokuhin Kabushiki-gaisha) and ten years later introduced the first instant ramen noodle product, Chikin Ramen (Chicken Ramen).

And after that Nissin produce a variety flavors of instant noodle for everybody to consume as you can see now.(reference by Wikipedia)

But, I will not talk about the chickin ramen. I will talk about Cup noodle seafood Japan version, the instant noodle in a cup with seafood flavor that sell it both in Japan and Thailand.

Now, I guess you might have question why I mentioned Japan and Thailand? Because, Nissin Cup Noodle Seafood has 2 versions (Thailand and Japan) it’s not the same even though it’s seafood flavor!!

So don’t let the name “seafood flavor” trick you, because if it’s similar I will not write about it for sure.

Well, time is money. Let’s take a look what’s difference between Japan version and Thailand version.

Eat Up Today

Name: Nissin Cup Noodle Seafood

Flavor: Seafood

Category: Instant Noodle

Country: Japan

Price: 138 Yen (inc. Tax)


Looks 75points
Ingredients 90points
Quality 80points
Taste 85points

*Noticed The scores in this article come from my opinion after tasted it. It’s not a global standard.


Talk about looks, the difference of Japan version compare to Thailand version it full with text and focus on text only!! But, they arrange their contents on package really well and it look unique which Thailand version is more focus on the image of the instant noodle to attract consumers.


First time that I open the package of Nissin Cup Noodle Seafood Japan version and see inside I’m really impress and scream inside my mind “Thanks a lot Nissin to know what I need!!”. Japan version give you a lot of meat and veggies compare to Thailand version especially when it’s ready to eat.

Noodle Quality

About Noodles, I think if you are person who like to eat instant noodle from Nissin brand will know the quality of the noodle is. It’s has a good texture and flexure even you leave it for long time it will not be easy to break.

Which for Japan version as you know, quality come first. When I try Japan version I feel it has better texture and flexure may be because of the difference ingredient that Nissin use for make noodle.


For the taste I found the soup has a little bit difference between Japan version and Thailand version. In Japan version the soup will have the taste and smell of “ginger” to not make me feel that soup is too salty and enjoy zip it which Thailand version don’t have it.

I hope you guys enjoy read my article if it does, please share it I will be really appreciate and thank you so much for visit my blog. See you next time.

Salary is uncertain but, Instant Noodle does!! 😀

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