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What it tastes like if you put the shrimp oil into miso ramen.

Today with living in the countryside of Japan by OkopanThunderstorm

Nissin EBi Miso Cup Ramen

Hi everyone,

Welcome back again to “Eat-Up”. This time I had a chance to try Nissin Ebi Miso Cup Ramen one of Ebi Soba series from Nissin which collaborate with famous soba shop (Nissin collaborate with others famous Ramen, Udon and Soba shops in Japan).

You can find these kinds of instant ramen at convenient stores like 7-11, Lawson, and Family Mart. So I saw the package and decided to try once and the price is just around 250 yen(inc. tax).

Since I arrived home, with my hungry feeling. I hurried to take the wrap out and open the lid to see what’s inside. Once I opened the lid, the smell of miso kicked in my nose. It smells really good and similar like Nissin Miso Cup Noodle but milder. The highlight of this cup ramen it’s not miso but it’s a shrimp oil that comes with it in a small bag.

This time, I’ve made an unintentional mistake from my curiosity about what’s inside that small bag by putting this shrimp oil into the noodle before the noodle is cooked which is a wrong way to do.

This shrimp oil is really 100% natural and it has really good aroma.

Ok let’s talk about the taste,

After I finished this cup ramen (sorry that I didn’t take any photo when it’s ready to eat, I was so hungry at that time) I noticed one thing, there’s no smell and taste of shrimp oil at all !!

Most of the flavor and smell are miso but this one is good. This miso taste is mild and smooth compared to the original miso cup noodle (the basic one) but this is not what expected from ebi miso ramen.

It should be shrimp oil and the smell of it so you might disappoint like me if you expect to. About the quality of noodle itself, I would not talk about it because I guess you guys already known about it.

So, my conclusion. I think if you like to eat miso ramen you might like the mild and smooth of miso soup in this cup ramen but, if you expect the taste and smell of the shrimp oil I recommend to eat real shrimp or try another flavor. Since you put boiled water into the cup noodle and mix it, you will never taste or smell shrimp oil ever again…

And my last message for today, please eat healthy food and exercise a lot and do not eat much instant ramen for better health in the future.


End for today.

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