Life in japan | 7 Things You Should Consider Before Living in Japan

Especially If you want to live in Countryside of Japan

Today with living in the countryside of Japan by OkopanThunderstorm

Living in Japan ?

Japan, one of the beautiful country. The country that famous in Art, Culture, Technology and Nature.

One of the countries that many people dream about live their life in this country. If you search infromation about Japan, you’ll found a tons of reviews about Japan such as the impression from people, food, nature and etc. Some of reviews even mentioned about wants to live in Japan and that word ” wants to live life in Japan ” inspired me to write this article.

When you read at those reviews, many people might talking about living in Tokyo or other famous cities that many tourists alway visit in Japan but why nobody talk about countryside?! This give me an idea to share about living life in countryside of Japan in the topic

What you should consider or prepare if you want to live in countryside in Japan ?

Here are 7 things that you should consider!!


Language is the most important thing for human for communicate with others and if you think just English language the global standard language is enough…. you’re wrong.

You might visit Tokyo or any famous tourism place in Japan which mostly around those area start to use English language to communicate with foreigners and you might think other areas will do the same, that will not happen.

If you want to live in countryside of Japan, Japanese language is the most important part and you should learn at least daily life communication level. Because English language is not something necessary or not significant enough for use in daily life.

You might find English word on the signs but hard to find somebody that will communicate to you in English or if you do they will speak English with you with Katakana ( ใ‚ซใ‚ฟใ‚ซใƒŠ ) which sometime it’s hard to catch.

Living in Japan especially in countryside is not easy ๐Ÿ‘ฟ .


I born and live in Bangkok, the place that full with street food culture and convenient store. The city that you can find food 24 hours and not just food other commodities are easy to find such as coin laundry, drinking water machine and etc. around your living area especially if you live in Condominium.

But here the latest time of restaurant in the town that I live will close at 10 pm. and they don’t have much restaurants that can open until late night compare to Thailand and this included other commodities such as coin laundry and these commodities will not be close to your house or your apartment unless you really lucky.

Oh! I forgot to mention about convenient store and vending machine. you might think they will have a lot like the big city in Japan… NO no no… they don’t have a lot but the good part they still 24hours open. The city and town that I live there are three vending machine and one convenient store that close to my house but I have to walk at least 10-15 mins to reach these place.

For other commodities such as coin laundry. If I don’t use car or bicycle I have to walk at least 30-45 mins to reach so, guess how far is it? ๐Ÿ˜€


You might impress with Japanese people when you visit Japan but don’t judge from your experience as a traveler. There ‘re good and bad people everywhere in this world and also Japan.

But I don’t mean thief or Yakuza will be your neighbors, sometime you might meet bad neighbor in your area which they might be mean to you a little bit to the extreme.

I have some case to share, one day I found there’s old man sneaked to my wife’s grandpa garage to use the water there without said anything and when I walked there to told him, seem like he stopped but after I turned my back he’s back and used it again!! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ So, if you have bad luck you might meet bad neighbor like us.

Community System

If you decide to live in the house in countryside of Japan you have to join the community center in your town to exchange information and activities.

Some months they will have matsuri ( ็ฅญ or festival ) which you have to join that activities even you willing or not.


The traffic in countryside is quite good, not many chance that you have to deal with traffic jam.

But you have to be careful, you might see or experience something unusual that you experience in daily life on the road such as old people cross the street anywhere they want, people turn without give you a light signal or do it in last minutes, park wherever and whatever they want, or harass you by drive their car close to your car to make you go faster when you drive with the legal speed limit and when you go faster than speed limit they stop harass you and when you back to the legal speed limit they harass again !!

So be careful o_O


The transportation quality here still meet the standard of Japan so the service quality is good as always but, I recommend you to have your own car or bicycle will be more convenient for you.

If your house or apartment that you stay is not close to bus stop or train station (this is same problem about commodities that I mentioned) you might have to walk so far to find a bus stop or train station (from my house to train station take around 15-20 mins) which if in spring or fall the weather is kinda nice and not crazy hot or cold but when summer or winter imagine how you feel if you have to walk in summer or winter I’m sure you will not happy with it.

Natuaral Disasters

The last topic is important !! everybody know Japan is one of the countries that every year this country must encounter with natural disasters like earthquake, tsunami, typhoon and more.

These natural disaster cause a lot of problems to this country not only in big city, many areas in countryside of Japan are suffer a lot after.

Some area has to deal with bear or other dangerous animal also so, make decision carefully for the place that you want to stay.

From these topic that mentioned if you are OK with these, you can live your life happily in countryside of Japan. ๐Ÿ˜€

End for today.

Thank you so much and hope you guys enjoy reading this article.

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Fuji Mt. View Image by Lonely Planet
Matsuri Image by SeeJapan

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