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Nowadays, most people are upgrade laptop RAM to 8GB Dude

A short clear sentence from my friend make me feel like I get a big slap on my face after I brag about my new laptop that just bought it few days ago.

But, I try to find any reason to convince him until he start to believe (a little bit) about how good of my laptop is and then he said

“Yeah, I know it fast that gen8 cpu but, if you want to use it for many years why you not upgrade laptop RAM so it can work faster and better” (damn, he has a point!!).

After the conversation end, I hurry to open the website to check the price of RAM and then I found DDR4 8GB RAM on some famous IT stuffs website with reasonable price around 3,xxx THB (around 93 USD).

I think with this price if I buy it and carry my laptop to the shop to install RAM into my laptop they will not charge me for sure so, I call to the store that near to my house and ask can they do upgrade laptop ram for me if I buy ram from their online store.

Store: “Yes we can do it but, we have service charge for open your laptop sir”

Me: (I was stunned for seconds) “What do you mean service charge for open my laptop? You cannot do it for free even I buy this RAM with high price? and how much for the cost?”

Store: “I’m really sorry sir, we cannot do it for free for this kind of product. And the price depend on how hard to open the laptop’s body. If it’s easy the price is 100 THB (around 3 USD) but if it hard to open the price will be 300 THB (around 9 USD).”

Me: (still confusing) “what if you open my laptop and then some accident happend is my laptop still be in warranty or not?”

Store: “Depend on the case sir, if the condition of the accident is cover followed by our policies there’s no cost for fix your laptop.”

Me: “Oh well…ok thank you very much for your information” I hang up.

“@#$% what’s wrong with them, they sell that RAM with that price and I have to pay more to hire them to open my laptop and I have to take risk that my laptop might have problem!! What’s the point that I have to carry my laptop to shop!!”

I cursed in my mind. I sit and rest for a while and then, I search for how to open my laptop and the result is “not found!!”.

Oh gosh, why upgrade laptop RAM is so hard…

I spent time almost 1 hour and then I found some example on Youtube but it’s not exactly the same model as my laptop but it is similar which I think it’s not that hard after I saw the example video.

So I find a little bit more information before I decide to order the RAM which I wait for 2 days and finally it’s arrived.

After I check everything is fine now I’m ready to start.


  1. RAM that you use for upgrade
  2. Laptop (In this article is Lenovo Ideapad 320s 14″)
  3. Screwdriver(cross slot type or depend on the bolts spec on your laptop)
  4. Plastic Opening pry tool (if you dont have this tool, you can use your some plastic card instead)


  • Before you upgrade laptop RAM please make sure that your laptop can upgrade RAM or other parts to prevent unnecessary spending.
  • In this review I use my current working laptop (Lenovo 320s 14″) as an example so the way that I open laptop might not be the same as your laptop. So, before you start to open your laptop please make sure you know your laptop body and structure well to prevent from “broken condition!!” that might happen.
  • In this review I will not take any responsibility if your laptop has any problem after upgrade or open your laptop because it’s your decision to change or upgrade your hardware by yourself. I write this article just for your information which I hope this article can be useful for you guys.
“Open up your laptop has risk please be careful”

After you read this section and still want to continue upgrade your laptop well let’s get started !!

First Step: Open up your laptop

First, take out all of the bolts from back side of laptop, some of the manufacturer laptop might prepare the upgrade slot to make it easy for user by take out the bolts just only that area and then you can open the cover easily.

After take out all bolts, I use the plastic card that I could find then put it at the side of laptop’s body and use it to open up laptop.

Tips and Tricks

Try to put the opening pry tool or plastic card at the area that has widest gap on the laptop will prevent laptop body cover from scratch and after you put the card into the gap, slide the card slowly along the line of laptop the will help to open the laptop body cover easily.

Second Steps: Upgrade Laptop RAM

Before start upgrade laptop ram, let me explain about the components in this Lenovo Ideapad 320s laptop which part that I can upgrade.

Let’s take a look. After I open up laptop body cover, I can separate into 3 section that I can upgrade with this laptop as you can see from the picture that I’ve made circles.

Red Circle: This section is RAM and it’s the part that I will upgrade laptop RAM which covered with aluminum shield to prevent it from dust and help to release heat from RAM (this is just my opinion).

Light Blue Circle: This section is PCIE slot that come only 1 slot so, you can choose between SSD or Intel Optain 16GB to upgrade only(the spec reference from official Lenovo website).

Yellow Circle: This section is Harddisk part which is SATA3 type and it’s covered with foild paper which you can upgrade with SSD SATA harddisk or normal SATA harddisk.

After I see what’s inside my laptop, now I’m gonna start to upgrade laptop ram by pull up the aluminum cover and the I can see the RAM that come with this laptop.

Then, push the latch of the socket away out from RAM (the red circle in picture) it will come out easily and then switch the RAM that I bought and place it instead of previous RAM and then press down on the top edge of the RAM to latch it into place (you will hear a little bit sound which it’s sign that the RAM was latched).

After finish upgrade laptop RAM, I will put the aluminium cover back and then done!! It’s so easy!!

Upgrade laptop RAM is not that hard or complicate like I think.

After this we will go to the last step which put the laptop body cover back to normal.

Tips and Tricks

If you have to pull out or put back the aluminum cover of RAM,

I suggest to pull it up or put it back straight and do not try to pull up some edge up or push down some edge first, to prevent the aluminum cover got bent or the shape change (it’s kinda fragile).

And if your hand sweat or oily, I suggest to wear glove or towel or anything that can prevent sweat or oil from your hand when you upgrade your laptop to prevent hardware problems.

Last Step: Put the laptop body cover back

After finish upgrade laptop RAM from the step two, the last step is put laptop body cover back to normal by put it back straight from the top and then the cover slowly and make sure that every part of the cover attached and locked with laptop body and then put the bolts back to latch with laptop body and the it’s done.

As you can see now the laptop manufacturers are develop their product to make it convenient and easy to use for the consumers.

Upgrade laptop RAM or other modules in laptop it’s not that hard anymore. You can just use some tools that you can find in your house and not have complicate step to do.

In the end, I do testing and I can see “It work faster than before!!” with compile my work projects , photo editor office programs or play games as you can see in the sample pictures.

I did testing with Bioshock Re-master, my favorite game it work fine no lag issue all of these can perform better.

It’s good decision and worth to upgrade laptop RAM because, I can learn how to upgrade my laptop by myself and the performance of my laptop increase.

I hope this article will be useful for you guys if it does, please share it I will be really appreciate and thank you so much for visit my blog. See you next time.

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