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The little brother of wireless in-ear headphone from JBL

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Talk about JBL T110 BT

JBL T110 BT was released since last year but I just have a chance to write this review.

Why? Because, it’s hard to find the review about this headphone and I just have a chance to try it for while after I moved to Japan.

Before this headphone released, JBL was released 3 models of In-Ear headphone T Series T110, T210, and T290 which T110 has a lot of review talk about how good it is with the quality, and worth to buy it or not.

I have T110 and use it for while and I really can say you can throw away you bundle headphone that come with your mobile phone and replace with T110, it worth to buy 😀 .

Because of T110 is in-ear headphone that have a good quality of sound, light weight and JBL doesn’t has wireless in-ear headphone in this series like others, so they upgrade T110 to make it has better sound quality and make it wireless !! for make it convenient for user with affordable price for everybody.

What's In the Box

JBL T110 BT come with

  • 1 x pair of T110BT headphones
  • 3 x sizes of ear tips (S, M attached with headphone, L)
  • ICON charging cable
  • Warning card
  • Warranty card
  • Safety Sheet
  • QSG

Headphone Appearance

JBL T110 BT look similar like T110 except the lower part that attached wire with the housing is the same material as wire and come with magnet that embed inside both side of headphone housing to prevent it falling from user’s neck.
It has battery on the left side and remote control for volume control, pause/play, and phone call and usb-b port for charging also.

First time using.

You need to pair this headphone to the music player which the way to connect is the same like other blutooth headphone in the market.

First, press and hold “Play/Pause button” the middle button until you see the status light show up and keep blinking fast (if you put this headphone in your ear you will here the voice that tell you the status of headphone).

The music player will detect this headphone and then pair it automatically and now headphone is ready to use.

If you want to play or pause the music just press middle button, increase volume press “+ button”, decrease press “- button”, you can also change music by press and hold “+ / – button” for a while.

Using in daily life

After I’ve using JBL T100 BT for a while, I have a good impression about it. It’s really light, I don’t feel it pull my ears at all and I can use it when I do exercise which is good but this headphone actually it’s not sport headphone.

I don’t recommend to use for hard exercise that you have to sweat a lot so be careful when you use it.

Sound Quality

the most important part of headphone is sound quality, this headphone quality is improve.
Treble, Mid, and Bass have much more quality than T110, the detail of sound and instrument are get better especially the bass sound. It has more detail and more bass.

Overall this head phone improve the quality from T110 to make people enjoy music and feel fun to listen more than before which I really recommend for people who don’t focus or like to listen the bass sound as a main in music.

In conclusion, JBL T110BT come with good sound quality and reasonable price. I would recommend this head phone is one of the good affordable wireless headphone in the market nowadays 😀 .

Thanks for visit my website and hope you enjoy this article.

See you.

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