My living stuff in Japan – Lenovo Ideapad 320s 14″

an affordable and compact with new generation of core i5 CPU

Welcome to our first article of Living in the countryside of Japan by OkopanThunderstorm!!

it's the time to change a laptop.

I’ve told my wife like that because my project that I’ve work with the previous laptop is work really slow when I have to compile for the result.

So I look for the new laptop which I limit my budget with in 20,000THB (around 600 $ and my wife OK with this budget) the my spec of laptop that I consider must be:

  • Core i3 or i5
  • RAM at least4 GB
  • Any GPU but I prefer Integrated GPU more
  • Come with Windows 10 any edition
  • Light weight (less than 2 KG.)and slim

with these spec and limited budget it’s really hard to find laptop that I need and I spend time for many days to looking for it and I almost gave up until one day, I’ve found the review of some laptop that come with new generation of core i5 code 8250 they called “Kaby Lake” and it just 20,900THB

“You gotta be kidding!!”, I screamed inside my head because i felt excited by the price so I shared this to my friend and then my friend told me to look at the comment below the review it has some body suggest the better spec laptop but that person really make the comment really short like some code that you need to crack like this “lenovoi582504gbddr4gt920mxwin1014inch19900“.

After I saw that comment(I should call code), I found the laptop that I need so I’ve hurry to find the information on the websites.

After I found this information I hurried to show this to my wife and she’s OK with that laptop. So, I’ve decided to go to the mall on the weekend and hope that I could get that laptop on that day but I failed, I have to wait for many days to get it so I went back home with bad feeling.

Until it almost 12A.M. to Sunday I checked on the website again which I’m so lucky that I could get more 2,000 discount on that laptop if I buy it on the website (at that time it has an event called “golden hour” They will have special price or promotion for many products depend on that day which it take 1 hour from 11.00P.M. – 12A.M.) so I showed the web site to my wife and we decided to buy it without hesitate with that price (thanks to

I’ve wait for 2 days and now the wait is over!! that laptop arrived (actually has fast delivery service which they will sent you within 3 hours during working time on that day which I just know after I got my package).

Laptop Weight

First, when I held this package I thought they might send me the wrong product for sure because it’s so light !!

So I hurry to open the box and I knew it!! It’s just backpack that’s why it’s so light they send me the wrong product. I was stunned for seconds.

After I bring back my conscious, I take the backpack out and there it is, the laptop!! actually it come with backpack for free as a bundle(which it look OK)

What’s inside the box?

Well after I opened the box, It come with laptop, charger, manual, and contact information.

First Look

The first impression of this laptop, it has aluminum effect on plastic body which make it look cool and durable I really like the way Lenovo made laptop like this.

When you open the screen up it come with 14 inches, anti glare screen and the body surface inside has aluminum effect on the body too, nice 😀

Next, I plugged the charger and connect to the laptop to try to use it I notice the track-pad is accurate and feel really smooth when you move your finger on it. The keyboard layout look nice but it’s not backlit keyboard (sad) the feeling when you type is quite ok it’s a little bit spongy and a little bit noisy but it still acceptable.

This laptop also come with windows 10 home single language license 64-bit which you will not see in laptop with this price range as much which this is really good and it’s worth to buy it (from my personal opinion).


Talk about performance, well everything seem to work really fast after I run windows update it doesn’t disappoint me except boot time to windows it’s not fast as much because of the speed of HDD just 5400rpm which in future I’ve plan to add ssd into this laptop to increase its performance.

I use this laptop for programming, office document, illustrator, photoshop, other photo editor, and some online games. It doesn’t seem slow even the RAM capacities just 4GB which overall compare to my previous laptop that has 8GB of RAM it’s faster ( thanks to the new CPU and RAM DDR4).

About gaming well, this laptop is not made for hard core gamer it work well just some games with not highest performance. If you want to use laptop for serious gaming with the really high quality effect, this laptop is not your good choice.

Sound and Fan noise

About sound performance, well I tried in many kinds of music and the quality of the sound is ok it have clear sound and wide sound stage with a little bit of bass which if you are serious about sound quality I suggest to connect with headphone or speaker it’s better.

About fan noise is still acceptable not too loud when you run some program that need high performance processing like game or 3D graphic rendor.

Battery Life

After full charge, the battery life can work around 4 – 5 hours because the battery size it’s not big to make this laptop has light weight so I have to bring the charger with me all the time just in case the battery is dead.


I don’t have much thing to said about it. With new generation of CPU, windows 10 included, light weight, integrated graphic card and affordable price. I hope this might be one of your choice when you decide to buy a budget laptop for work and entertainment even the screen is just HD, Ram with 4GB and HDD is not SSD well, you cannot have everything with this price anyway but this laptop still let you upgrade ram and ssd as an option, not bad right.

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