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after use it for 3 months

Today with living in the countryside of Japan by OkopanThunderstorm

Let’s talk about lenovo ideapad 320s again

Today I will share my experience with this laptop after pass 3 months after I review about this LENOVO IDEAPAD 320S in previous article included UPGRADE RAM to this laptop.

General usage

Normally, I use lenovo ideapad 320s for coding both Application and Website as main purpose and use Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom as second purpose.

It works fine when I compile or render code even though I open a lot of tabs on web browser, It still work fast.

But I found it become a bit slow when I run debug on mobile application which I develop on Xamarin platform. I’m not sure this happened because of MS visual studio by itself or not.

For MS Office and Adobe PS, AI, and LR these work fine except the problem that I found is 3D effect in PS and AI.

This laptop cannot perform well in render many objects in one time it consume a lot of time and some time (if bad luck) the software become not responded.

I think the GPU spec is not high enough to deal with create 3D works. From my tested this problem start when you start to render 2 objects or more at once.


For entertainmen it work fine as its hardware spec. You will get HD quality when you watch movie, decent quality of speakers even they put the word JBL by Harman.

I recommend to use headphone or connect with better speaker if you want better quality. The speakers of this laptop mostly focus on mid sound and vocal voice, what about the bass ha ha forget it you will not hear it as much.

About gaming? As I mentioned in previous article, this Lenovo Ideapad 320s is not a gaming laptop so it’s not good for game as much. Especially a lot of games nowadays that required high spec hardware a lot but it doesn’t mean you cannot play game on this laptop.

You can play many of online games and old games (around 2-3 years ago) include some games on Steam. (Games in my laptop are TOS, Warframe, Bioshock Series, Heroes of the Storm, and HearthStone.)

So, If you really want to play game please check hardware specification require before you buy games.


If you are considering to buy Lenovo Ideapad 320s 14 inches and want to use for more than MS office and Entertainment, I recommend you to prepare a budget for upgrade RAM for this laptop for long term use and increase more performance.

If you compare with another laptop that come with 8GB of RAM in the market it’s still cheaper especially if you can get it when it has promotion.

Thank you so much and hope you guys enjoy reading this article.

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