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for Bass lover who like to exercise

Sony MDR XB-50-BS

This sport wireless headphone was released since 2016( but I bought it in mid 2017 ). This wireless headphone series come with 2 different model Sony MDR XB-50-BS and Sony MDR XB 80 BS .

This is the entry level of bass wireless in-ear headphone for sport activity, follow the code XB or Extra Bass to energize and make the jam become more fun when you exercise.

It might be a little bit late that I just have a chance to write the review about it.

But!! It’s good that I have a lot of time to experience it until I have enough information to write this review and share with you guys.

Well back to Sony MDR XB-50-BS I will start to share my experience about it now.

What’s in the box

In the package it will come with:

  • In-ear Headphone x 1
  • USB Cable x 1
  • Long Hybrid silicone rubber earbuds (SS, S, M(come with headphone), L) x 2
  • Arc Supporters(S, M(come with headphone), L) x 2
  • Manual and Warranty x 1

PS. I bought this headphone in Japan duty free so, I’m not sure about warranty card will be different from others or not.


This Sony MDR XB-50-BS shape look like a big flat capsule which different from other wireless in-ear headphone brands.

The weight of it is really light compare to its look because this housing made from plastic but look durable with good weight balance for both side of headphone.

The left side of this headphone has battery inside and the right side come with usb type-b port for charge the battery,built-in microphone, and, control buttons(volume up / down and power).


  • Extra Bass: powerful extra bass that give you the best experience and make your jam become more fun.
  • Bluetooth quality with quick connection with in seconds
  • Listen for up to 8.5 hours without wires getting in your way with 2 hours charge.
  • Hands-free calls
  • Durable IPX4 design keeps the music going, even when you run in light rain.
  • Near Field Communication ( NFC )

Daily Life Using

You can use this Sony MDR XB-50-BS in any occasion not only exercise with affordable price. It’s good with Hip-Hop, RnB, and EDM musics it will make you enjoy with these kind of music when you do any activity.

But it might not good if you not a bass lover because this headphone will focus on ‘ Bass ‘ as priority. Because it’s XB series!! Your ears might get tired from listen music by use this headphone.

The appearance might make you feel it heavy and feel uncomfortable when you ear it but don’t judge from the look. When I wear this headphone, I’m really surprise how light it is compare with JBL T110BT that I owned. Actually I really feel it’s a little bit lighter than my JBL.

But I have some comments about this headphone. First, it doesn’t have any cable lock to keep hold the headphone cable. It bother me sometimes when I run and the cable moving to one side of my face.

The last thing, the material is plastic so I have to be careful to not drop or accidentally make it hit with something when I carry it.This headphone doesn’t come with the case or pouch, I recommend you should have headphone case to keep this headphone if you consider to buy this headphone.

Sound Quality

Bass: Deep, clear, and Punchy bass it make the music more fun and excite but it kinda bother mid and treble sound a little bit.

Mid: Mid sound is kinda OK with the detail of instruments and vocal voice but sometime it will get bother by bass sound but still acceptable

Treb: Treble sound is decent not too sharp, good with detail of instrument but sometime it will get bother by bass sound but still acceptable

Stage: Sound stage is OK not too tight or make you feel uncomfortable the detail of instrument is quite good


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