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Sony MDR-XB950BT
You might hear or see a tons reviews of this headphone with many topic such as ” Best Bass Headphone “, ” Best Headphone under 150$ “, and many many topics that you will see its name appeared in those topics.

This is the latest Extra Bass Headphone model that was replaced with the previous model “MDR-XB920 ” which you might see it appear in the movie such as Step-Up, which you will see our actor carried it a lot and look at the design of it, it really look modern, fashionable and catch people eyes.

Back to MDR-XB950BT, this headphone released in 2014 with two models and Sony keep improve this model until now this headphone has 4 models to match with your lifestyle which I will explain about the difference between each of these models later but now let’s focus on our topic MDR-XB950BT, the headphone that I’m gonna review today.

Sony MDR-XB950BT is Full-Size ( you can call Around-Ear or Over- Ear ) headphone of Extra Bass serie from Sonr brand. It come with a new look which different from the previous model. They redesign to make it look sleek and minimal. Not only the looks that Sony upgraded, new technologies that they put into this headphone made it come out with the good experience for user and good performance sound especially Bass, this headphone is built for bass lover.

Well, a lot of introductions might be boring let skip to the next part. I will share my experience with this headphone after I using this headphone for a while.

What’s in the box

  • Sony MDR-XB950BT Headphone
  • USB Cable
  • Supplied audio cord
  • Manual and Warranty


Like I mentioned about the look, this headphone look so simple and sleek but catch my eyes with a big round housing on both sides with silver aluminum headband on top that connected 2 sides of ear cups. The ear pad might look huge but it so soft and comfy, make you feel really comfortable when you wear it and the buttons that didn’t come out from the both side of ear-cups make it look smooth and neat.

Overall it’s look round and difference than other headphone that you can see nowadays. The size of this headphone might make you feel it’s gonna break your neck because it’s look heavy but don’t judge it from the size !! This headphone is really light and well weight balance, Sony made it good.

The left side of ear-cup come with Power, Bass Boost, Cord Connector port, and USB port for charge this headphone, and the right side come with Volume Control button, Universal Control ( Play/Pause, FWD, RWD, and Hand Free calls ).


  • Extra Bass for club-like sound
  • Beat Response Control reduces heavy bass distortion
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Hands-free calls
  • Connect by use the supplied audio cord to listen without Bluetooth
  • Simplified Bluetooth® connectivity with NFC™ One-touch

Using in Daily Life

In daily life using this headphone it’s not neccessary to use it only for listen to the music. I’ve the other way to use this headphone by use it when you watch movie and I’m surprise with the performance of this headphone. It’s work as well as headphone that make for watching movie.

I also use this headphone at gym but I wouldn’t recommend to you guys to use this headphone at gym. It’s not sweat resistance and it’s not for exercise especially cardio activity. It’s ok if you just do light exercise or any activity that not shaking as much such as weight training.

Talk about the sound quality, this headphone is match with Hip-Hop Rnb and EDM music with the mass of bass sound that it produce will make you feel like you are in the club so, if you are not the person who like bass sound I’m not recommend you to get this headphone. If you think bass is not satisfy you enough, this headphone has Bass Boost button to in crease the bass for you but be careful with the bass on this headphone it might make you feel dizzy from bass if you open it too loud.

The Bluetooth that come with this headphone is work well. It can connect to the device fast and the signal is good within 10 meters and the signal quality will decrease if it has some objects block the device or headphone.

The appearance might look bold, heavy, and uncomfortable when you wear it but don’t judge it from its look, this headphone is really comfortable thanks to the ear pads. The weight of this head phone also light and the materials in this headphone is good and durable, this head phone is really well build. About hand free feature the quality of sound is clear on both send and receive voice on phone call

But, there’s one think that I feel not ok with this headphone is ” it cannot fold !! “. The thing that you can do to this headphone is flip the ear cups and this headphone doesn’t come with the case so, if you have a plan to carry it outside you might need the case and some space in your bag to put this headphone inside.

Sound Quality


Bass sound can go deep and the impact of it can do it really well but sometime it will bother mid and treb sound especially when you use BassBoost mode.


Mid sound give you a good detail but sometime you might feel bothered by bass sound.


Treb sound is decent and sometime it get interrupt by bass sound.


Stage quite not wide. It make you feel like you are in front of bass speaker in the club. You might feel tired and uncomfortable when you keep listen to the music for a long time.

A little bit more about Sony MDR-XB950

Currently, Sony upgraded and released 2 more models for this series which somebody might be confuse and don’t know the difference. So, this section I will give you short explaination the difference between each model.

This headphone has 4 models but can separate into 2 generations

Gen I

MDR-XB950AP EXTRA BASS™ Headphones

This one doesn’t come with Bluetooth and NFC technology. It come with cord to connect with music player.

MDR-XB950BT EXTRA BASS™ Wireless Headphones

This is the model that I reviewed in this article. The headphone has same features as 950AP and come with Bluetooth and NFC technology include in this model.

Gen II

MDR-XB950B1 EXTRA BASS™ Wireless Headphones

This model is upgrade from BT by upgraded Bluetooth and NFC technology by improve signal quality to make it cannect faster also sound quality.

MDR-XB950N1 EXTRA BASS™ Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

This model is upgrade from B1 by added Digital Noise Canceling system into this headphone and also has a green color as the special color.

*these 2 models can adjust EQ via Sony Headphones Connect.

End for today.

Thank you so much and hope you guys enjoy reading this article.

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Headphone Image by Official Sony

* During writing this article the memory of the camera that I used it to taking photos was broken so there’s just only one picture from my phone that left ( the last image 😥) so Thank you Sony for provided the nice product images.

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