News | Digimon ReArise

A new game for Digimon fans !!
Available on App Store and Google Play Store

Digimon is back again !!

Last month, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. announced a new game of Digimon series after 2 years since Digimon Links was released in 2016.
This news made Digimon fans really excited (also me) and yesterday 25 June, 2018 the new Digimon game called ‘ Digimon ReArise ‘ was released.

This game is available on both AppvStore and Google Play Store Japan for now.

For more information you can check on Digimon ReArise official.

Finally, I would like to end this news and go to try this game ASAP. Any update and review about this game I will share it next article see you guys hope you guys enjoy this game, let me know your comments about this game I’ll appreciate your comments. See you!!

Credit Banner Image by: DigimonReArise

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