[News] Mario Kart

will take you to the destination on Google Map

Talk about Mario Kart

I believe many teenagers know how fun this game is especially when you play with your friends and today is March 10.

What’s special about March 10? Well if you type this month in a short word and add day after it like this “Mar10” how does it look?

Get it now? Yes, you can see it’s similar to “Mario”.

Because of this idea Google prepared a special feature to celebrate our uncle mustached Mario by changing the direction arrow on Google Map to Mario on his car, just like everybody sees in the video game and the way to summon him on your screen is really easy

The way to let him appear on Google Map is easy. First open your Google Map(make sure the app is up to date), then choose your destination.

At the bottom right next to the “Start” button you will see the mysterious icon. You have to knock your head to that mysterious icon like video game to use this feature (I’m kidding 😛 ).

Just tap on that icon and then the pop-up will appear with the message “Navigate your world as Mario to celebrate Mario Day on March 10th” if you want to change the pointer icon to Mario Kart you just press “Let’s-A Go!”. And that’s it, now he is ready to take you to destination 😀 .

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