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Now the Fake Ransomware appear in my spam comments

Fake Ransomware Appear as a spam comment !!

Few years ago in Thailand, I heard the news mentioned about cyber attack which target at big organizations especially in Bangkok which many companies faced this problem and this happened because of one ransomware called ” Wannacry ” and it did take months to solve the situation.

As you can see ransomware is really troublesome which I didn’t expect it will appear on my website but it’s just a fake ransomeware more like scam which is something that I want to warn you guys who reading this article.

Two days ago I did check my spam comments on my website and I found some interesting spam comment in lists said.

Your computer, email and smartphone are hacked. We have all your photos, personal correspondence and access to bank accounts.
On June 3, we will post on the Internet and send to all people who you have in contacts and social networks all your photos, correspondence, access to bank accounts and payment systems.
You will be sued and the police will be interested in your person.
A ransom is worth 1 Bitcoin.
Pay 1 BTC until June 3 to our bitcoin wallet: 1LNcUGLunEpDMo4sxNAgAKAGk8eAddTGW

First, I was thinking in my head what kind of message is this, it doesn’t make any sense especially this part “ You will be sued and the police will be interested in your person. ” how can I get sued !?

So, I check the IP address of this comment and found this IP address is in blacklist and also wallet hash address also reported as abuse and scam. Nice try man you almost got me >:D but I cannot support any fraud or scam.

Finally, I just want to warn anybody who own your website or blog don’t be panic if you found some kind of this fake ransomware comment. Try to check IP address, Wallet Address, also check your hosting tomake sure you’re safe.

Normally, Ransomware will come with an attached file in email or comments so as long as you open it you will be fine.

I would like to say thank you to
IP Blacklist Cloud for provide IP address information and Bitcoin Abuse also for provide information of abuser information.

End for today.

Thank you so much and hope you guys enjoyed reading this article.

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See you !! 😉

Photo : Sebastiaan Stam
Other Photo : Pexels

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