Life in japan | We started organic farming in Japan. Part-2

About a week passed

Lately we’ve been experiencing all kinds weather from rainy, stormy, hot and sunny to cold and windy.

Here is an update of how our veggies are coping with the unstable weather!

Farm with plastic covers.

The eggplant looks unhealthy and a bit dry

The greenpea seem to suffer bug attack, the bottom part is extremely dry and most of the leaves have fallen off (or eaten), but the top part has some fresh new leaves.

All the other veggies seem to be in great shape.


Farm with cow poop

The cilantro has yet to bud, but the spinach, Japanese radish leaves and the cosmos flower have come out.

May 18nd

So it’s been windy the past few days

and we came to the farm to find one of our watermelons’ stem has snapped off from the bottom.

There’s really one or two layers of skin left that’s still connected to the top half and the rest is just hanging.

We wrapped the injured part with a duct tape.

We hadn’t prepared a prop for watermelons due to thinking they rather crawl on the land than grow upward.

But apparently you still need a prop. 🙁

We have a low hope for its recovery. It’d be a miracle


Because we are so pessimistic, we bought new watermelon and a melon.

We moved cosmos flowers to make new spaces for them.

And we bought a blueberry tree!

So for blueberries, you need to prepare acidic soil.

Not all plants like alcoholic soil.

We prepared the acidic soil (the blue bag) and the regular multi-purpose red soil, and mix them with the soil from our farm where we did not add fertilizer or alkalic powder.

We found fertilizer for eggplants.

We added more cilantro seeds to the farm, in case the birds picked all of them.

May 21st

So this is Amazing.

The watermelon that was hanging on one skin is still alive.

The greenpea has a flower and 2 beans!!!

Finally we found two little leaves of cilantro. I guess they needed higher temperature than the other two to sprout.

More updates coming later.

Stay tuned 😀

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