Other story in japan | I found Bot in Identity-V !!

Let's see, you are playing this game with bot or not ?!

Identity-V has Bots ?!!

  • Have you ever feel, the situation in the game is so easy ?
  • Have you ever feel, you can deal with hunter really well and never get hit even once ?
  • Have you ever notice your friend in your team can response to everything very quickly especially with hunter like they have the Spider Sense as Spider Man ?!
  • Not to mention about a super kind Hunter that will let you go after chasing you for a while. ^^โ€™
If you playing Identity-V and found these kind of weird situation, congratulations!! you might playing this game with bots ?!

Today with living in the countryside of Japan by OkopanThunderstorm

This game has bots, What’s wrong with that ?

Well, this game actually come with bots in custom script mode. The custom script mode will let you create the room match which can add bots as other players. In case that you want to practice and improve your playing skill.

But, bots that I’m talking is not it’s not the one in the custom script mode and they don’t use the name Bot-1, 2, or 3, They have their own username !! .

There’s a time that I was played in quick match and I noticed something unusual between other players in game ( I belive many people experience some unusual situation in this game as me ). So, I try to play many games to observe and make sure ” there’s bots among us !! “.

This unusual thing, I notice there’s a lot of bot happend after update the season 2 patch and I have many chances to play this game with bots who act as normal players !!

How to notice bots are in the game with you!!

Profile Picture

Most of bots always use the default profile picture without any custom frame. So, during the preparing match screen you notice profile picture like I mentioned. You can suspect that can be bot playing with you but, this is not 100% accurate.

Sometime it can be pro player that try to deceive hunter so be careful if you play as Hunter.


This topic similar like the previous one. Most of bots alway use default characters Thief, Lawyer, Nurse, and Gardener for survivor team and Hell Ember ( the one with shark doll ) on Hunter side but sometime you will meet the Smiley Face. These characters will come with default costume and I’m not sure about their persona build.


This topic is more easier to notice because the algorithm of bots is simple as the rule of the game. What they do just Decoding, Heal, Find the exit, and Rescue friend from the rocket chair for Survivor team.

Sometime I’m surprise that it can find and heal me really quick when I am isolate from them. The other thing that I’ve noticed, they really sensitive to hunter. When it start to sense hunter ( from faraway ) it will runaway immediately.

For Hunter they just catch survivors and put them on the rocket chair. If hunter cannot hit the survivor they will change the target. I also noticed Hunter will not use the special skill, they just walk around only.


This topic, I think this is the most accurate way to notice bots are appear in game or not in my opinion. Observe your team when they finished decoding if they immediately move to the other decoding machine, I’m really sure that’s a bot !!

From my experience when I finished decoding with other player, we will not move for a second ( like our move are delay ) which different from bot, it will immediately go straight to other decoding machine without lost or get confused with the map.

One more thing to notice bots, look at the way they run. Bots alway run on the same way like straight line and if you have a chance to wait other player ( or bot ) try to open the exit gate other bot will wait at the same spot ( look like they merged together).

Talk about Hunter bot, it always change target after it cannot hit you for 2 -3 times and before it hit you it will stop walk. Look like it cannot do multitasks. You can try to provoke it to come to you but if it out of the route that they have to walk it will suddently stop and go backto the route that it has been programmed.

So, if you are in the game and notice something weird or something unusual for example game is too quite or game is too easy to play. You can suspect you might with bots which make game not fun to play anymore ( or just onlyme me feels Bot ruined this game !! ).

Last, I have some video clip that I have record what I found in the game but, note that I’m not a professional gamer and this is my first video that I try to edit by myself so it might not good and I’m really sorry for the quality of the video.

End for today.

Thank you so much and hope you guys enjoy reading this article.

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