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The alternative way of RPG Rumble Fighter game

Bakuretsu Monster バクレツモンスター

I was found the Preview of this game ( Bakuretsu Monster )  in Google Play Store around August ( if I’m not wrong ), it’s really catch my eyes and I’m not hesitate to registered to get notify when it’s available.

This is the new game from COLOPL, Inc which after I saw the preview it’s really blow my mind because “This game is different from other games that I found in Google Play Store Japan !!” .

Why I said it’s different ? Well most of the game in Google Play Store Japan are RPG type with the same pattern or Puzzle type and these type of games always come with female characters with sexy dress, which is boring and I don’t like the way to attract user by this method.

The other type of mobile game in Japan they always use famous characters in anime such as OnePiece, Naruto, and Gintama. Not to mentioned about Digimon Re-Arise that I was reviewed before which it seem to be boring now because of the game system that I feel it’s not balance anymore (my personal opinion).

Sorry for a little bit speak out of my mind, let’s back to Bakuretsu Monster. After this game available for Pre-Register on 19 October 2018, it’s available to download finally!! But the game did not let me accessed yet until evening !! After I play this game for a while, I think this game is worth to share and recommend to play.

About Bakuretsu Monster

This game first the developer claimed this is RPG game (I noticed on first day that they released on Play Store) which they changed to Action game on next day.

But, from my opinion after play this game for a while I think it’s mixed between RPG and Rumble Arena Fighting game. So all you have to do, just find upgrade item to upgrade your monster and then win the fight in arena !! It’s so simple.


Beautiful Graphic and Effects

First thing I notice in this game is graphic detail and effect detail are really nice especially in battle scene. You will see beautiful effect that come out from the special skill of the monsters and when you knock out the opponents you will feel satisfy with the bouncing effect which look like your punch or kick is extremely powerful which that’s the best part !!

Variety and Unique Characters

This game has more than 200 unique monster characters available for you to collect. These monsters come with difference special skill which you can build your own special fighter team

Simple Gameplay

This game is quite casual you don’t need to be serious to play and come with simple user interface that easy to understand also has a good tutorial for new play which come with full detail so if you don’t understand Japanese language is not gonna be a problem.

one hand play

This is the good part of this game, they designed this game to use just only one hand to play this game included when you be in figting scene which is really convenient. 😀


Overall this game is fun and it will be more fun if you play this game with your friends. It casual and easy to play you don’t have to focus or be serious on playing this game to make your monster become so strong like other RPG game. It’s more like kill time game.

The good parts that I like, nice graphic and interface that easy to use and undestand. Other thing is this game is not rely on level of monster, it rely on your controlling skill. So if you are good at fighting game, it will be the advantage for you when you play this game.

For anybody who wants to try this game,You can click on link that I provide which now it’s available only in Japan zone only.

End for today.

Thank you so much and hope you guys enjoy reading this article.

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