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What's gonna happen when the Pokemons become cube shape !!

Pokemon Quest ?

If Bandai has Digimon, Nintendo must has Pokemon also.

They both are like mascot or symbol for Bandai and Nintendo.
Last month, Bandai was released the new game Digimon ReArise only for Japan region, few days later Nintendo send Pokemon Quest on mobile platform after they released this game on Nintendo Switch at the end of May 2018.

If this game was released after Digimon ReArise after few days why I review it now?
Well, I confess I was playing Digimon ReArise a lot (kinda addict to it) to get the Monzaemon. So I just have time to try this Pokemon games and write the review about this game.

Story of This game

In this game we have to explore one island called “Tumblecube” which full with Pokemons living in this island.
When we arrived the island we have to set up the camp, built up your team to explore which mean you manage your pokemon buddies and the last thing, explore the Tumblecube island !!

Game Features

The Base Camp

This is like the main menu of the game. You can manage your team, check your quests activities, and you have a chance that some new pokemon will visit youe camp. But there’re 2 main features that I would like to mention.

  • Tasty Cuisine : If you want to meet new pokemon, tasty cuisine is the feature that helps you to attract new pokemons. Create your own recipe to get the new pokemon which there’re several ingredients to choose to mix and cook and then wait for the surprise.
  • Decoration : You can decorate your base which the decoration stuff will come with some attribute that boost your pokemon performance.

Team Management

You can mange your Pokemon in this menu which come with three important features

  • Training : Increase the strength of your Pokemon by let another Pokemon become its training partner for train but after finished training the Pokemon that you selected as training partner will be gone so be careful.
  • Power Charm : You can add the special attribute in to your pokemon such as increase movement speed, extend the attack range or increase healing rate which it come as a stone.
  • Recycle : When you don’t want to use some power charm in your storage box you can recycle it and it will turn those stone into the ingredients for cooking sound good right?!


As everybody know this is the book that collect the information of Pokemon.

Battle System

This mode you cannot control the direction of the Pokemon because the concept of the game is exploring. All you can do is control the attack skills of your Pokemon and reformation of your team. This game still have “Auto Mode” also just in case that you want your Pokemon fight by themselves.


Or explore mode also called quest mode depend on what you want to call, it’s the same meaning 😀 In this game we will send Pokemon to explore to grow up their experience, find the ingredients, and looking for the new Pokemon that living in this island.


After I played this game for a while, I see there’s something remind me of the original Pokemon games that I used to play when I was young like the level of the Pokemon will evolve.

Next, the system of this game is not hard to understand when you play this game and the Cooking system is really something creative and exciting they let you put any ingredients you want and then it will surprise you which Pokemon you will get.

The most part that I like the most is the shape of the Pokemon become a cube shape ( reminds me of Minecraft ) they made them be come more cute even some Pokemon that look scary.

But not everything perfect there’ re two things that I’m quite not OK with this game. First, the stamina system that give you just only 5 game that you can play and then you have to wait for 30 minutes until it’s full. I wish, I can play more than five game because this game is fun.

The last thing is the Auto Mode in this game. I kinda feel it’s quite not that efficient. Many times I noticed the Pokemon don’t use the skill that they should use which I compare with I play by myself, The chance that I can clear the stage is higher than I use auto mode unless I use this mode in the stage that easy for my Pokemon team.

But over all this game I really recommend you to have it on your smartphone. It’s change almost everything that you use to play in another Pokemon game series but it can make you feel enjoy and fun to play this game.

End for today.

Thank you so much and hope you guys enjoy reading this article.

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