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Shiroyama Mountain, Oyabe City

Talking about Sakura

Since the end of March to April, Many Prefecture in Japan start preparing the area for let people see one of the signature of Japan called ” Sakura ” .

Finally it’s April time to say goodbye to the coldness.

April is the time that all of Sakura will bloom which some prefectures and houses that have this trees are already bloom since almost the end of March.

In Toyama Prefecture, this flowers is blooming in several areas and during the way that I’m driving to Takaoka town,

I have a chance to take a photo of sakura in some mountain called ” Shiroyama (城山) ” it’s a small mountain in the town called ” Oyabe (小矢部市) “.

From Oyabe town to Shiroyama mountain. I found that you can actually walk from the train station to the mountain if you want to see what’s inside the town. In my opinion.

It’s a peaceful and nice town from its look which if I have time I might come back again.

Now, Let’s see what I saw in the mountain and hope you guys enjoy it. Any comments about my picture please let me know so i can improve my photography skill, I really appriciate your comments.

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